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How are you all? 

It is time for the second post in the 'PHIL SERIES' where we explore life's deepest and darkest questions and try to answer them from the Circuit point of view. 

By definition, INVOLUNTARY means doing something without an action of a thought. Some instances include blinking of the eye, running away on seeing a wild animal and many more. 

Involuntary actions are essential for our survival. In a nutshell, our basic cause of existence depends on them. Every organism is confined within a boundary, either physical, mental or emotional within which it lives its life and within which its life is protected. Our mental boundary is the set of involuntary actions. 

At the beginning, finding answers for cracking the circuit would be really difficult, or in other words, extremely involuntary. But as you get accustomed to its nature, the life's greatest answers would spring up suddenly with the wake of the situation. That is involuntary. 

Life progresses the fastest when we are confined only with involuntary thoughts and actions. Voluntary thoughts and actions slow our functioning and productivity. Obviously, this does not mean 'not thinking' before doing something. But this tells that the mind has to be trained in a way to involuntarily create correct thoughts before any activity. 

For that, you have to ponder to answer the life's biggest questions. You have to start exploring yourself and realize the reality around. 

That is again, the beginning of the Circuit. So, are you ready to step into it now?

Take Care,

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