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Greetings everyone!

No…no, the blog isn't dead! In fact, it was an interesting day. Stranded in an airport for 4 hours and inside the flight for 10 hours, all for a journey of 3.5 hours!

So badly, did I miss you all! Love you!

So, have anyone wondered about the current incidences of the mind - boggling concept of mind control?

Yes, it exists even now. So let us scale the current incidences and estimate how they would appear or develop in the future. 

1. Sub - conscious positivity and negativity : More often than reality, our mind thinks about a world filled with inner perceptions of something. Also the thoughts are exaggerated from their overall influence on us. 

Future: This will develop into a 'one' thought where nothing appears good or bad. But everything appears just like the way they are with the exaggeration. This concept is further furnished by the Circuit. Read to find out more.

2. Brain - Storming : It is the tiring way of hard core thinking. We confine ourselves into the inner privacy to create something amazing.

Future: This shapes into instant teleportation of our inner selves into the private world, in spite of all disturbances around. There, you and I would create the Universe. 

3. Randomness:  The mind is the workshop of the evil. But not everytime. Plain random thoughts are common when you are involved in no activity. 

Future: The intensity of these thoughts would increase so much that, it would align with reality to appear completely physical in front of you. Without harming your activity. The world would appear along with the reality of randomness.

Find out more in 'The One Concirsciuit'. ORDER TODAY!

Take Care,

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