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Hello All!

I hope everyone are doing just great! If not, keep faith in the track of life. Also, do good, you will always be in someone's prayers.

Over a past few days, I have been hearing severe criticism against a section of people. Even till yesterday, I could see the hatred in the people's eyes. Hatred for nothing.

Think this. You write an exam consisting of 20 questions. You get 12 wrong. What if the teacher strikes out your answers, gives you a 0, and tells you 'You got majority of them wrong. So all are wrong. Thus, the zero'. How will you feel?

Again think this. You are in a gang of friends. For some reason, one of your friends in the gang has committed some bad activity because of which a person hates him. Will it be fair for him to say, 'Since you are wrong, your friends will also be wrong. All are bad'. Basically the other person is implying that you are also wrong. How will you feel?

Because some people are wrong, NEVER implies all are the same. If all are bad and one is an exception, HE / SHE REMAINS AN EXCEPTION AND MUST BE VALUED. Why do we see majority? Why cannot we change our perspective and view EVERY INDIVIDUAL SEPARATELY?
Why cannot we tune ourselves for this kind of perspective?

Majority system only exists in polling. Never is reality. Remember.

If we accustom ourselves to this, trust me, you will enjoy being in this world. That sense of liveliness, you will not get anywhere else.

Friends, why do not we think freshly for a change. We change our clothes everyday, our collection of stuff once in a while, why cannot be re-dress our thoughts. We go to temples / churches / mosques everyday, and pray for peace in our family. Why do not we pray for the ability to spread peace? Have you ever prayed like this?

If some demons come out as terrorists, we say, 'ALL PEOPLE IN THAT RELIGION ARE TERRORISTS'. If some demons are filthy, we say, 'ALL PEOPLE IN THAT CASE ARE FILTHY and much more.

Come on! You are so talented and skilled in other activities, why cannot you think this fact straight?

SPREAD THIS POST SO MUCH that it reaches the people having that rusted mindset. Or show it such people who do not have access to this blog. LET US MAKE THIS VIRAL. COME ON, ACT TODAY. IT HARDLY TAKES TIME. DO IT.

What are you waiting for? If you are good, please also help spread good.


Take Care,


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Spread the word. Share it with all. Thank you

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