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If your concept is made of many ideas, even one unique idea would suffice. NEVER think that for being unique you have to make all your ideas distinctive. 


Your unique idea could be from any domain. Consider a war scene. You could make your weapons belong to a domain many people do not know yet. Yet you can place the scenes in simple large fields. It works. The 'new' weapons are enough to make your effort stand out. The idea could change the way the soldiers walk also. It works. Or you could think of the way lasers travel across the air. Again that works. Ideas are not restricted to one domain in any genre. 

1. Clear your mind of any hard thoughts before setting off for an idea. Explain yourself why you want them to move away. Remember a good idea solves everything in life directly or indirectly. Make yourself understand that. 

2. THINK: I believe in Brain-storming. The process I follow is really tiring to the mind, but rewarding nevertheless. Do solid, core thinking. Shift between topics. If you are thinking of a weapon. Take one weapon as a test piece and think how you can change the different properties of it. Like when doing meditation, visualize and think each of its components separately and then in groups. 

3. NEVER SET A LIMIT: Your first 'idea-hunt' must never set a limit. Never resist yourself on the fictional limit of an idea. No matter how odd it may sound, just keep thinking. You can always mold it later to the real requirements. This applies even when you are thinking a start-up. Do not pre-think your budget, your skills etc. JUST think with no hurdles inside. 

4. GOOGLE and see images belonging to the niche in which you are thinking. That is essential for inspiration. Take each picture and repeat step 1.

5. REST: If you are not able to strike anything. Take a break. Very necessary. Sleep for a while, or listen to inspirational music. Read some books, or even the daily newspaper could help. Expose yourself to a wide range of information. That is when your thinking gear pushes forward.

6. Like after running, you must not immediately stop. After a hard session of thinking, when you strike something. DO NOT STOP. Put a bit more thought processes into that idea before coming to a slow and steady halt. At the end, write it down on a piece of paper. Idea thinking is like music. You have to play the instrument of your brain, professionally. 

7. GOOGLE your ideas to see if they are completely unique. If they are not, do not entirely dispose the idea. Lay it out on a paper and work on individual elements for the required change.

8. DRAW: Do some random scribbling of your niche. Anything what you are trying to create. Your thoughts start juicing around that piece of paper. 

9. PRACTICE GOOD HABITS: Practice your life like a pilgrim. Really. Get up Early. Pray. Eat healthy food, be good to people. Your mind turns peaceful. A peaceful mind can be a hundred times efficient.

Ultimately, it is the goal you must be focused to. Never turn back. Never look right or left. If you want to belong at the top, you have to struggle enough for that. That amount of struggle can never be imagined in the mind. JUST GO expecting everything.




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