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Hello All!

Good Morning! / Good Day! / Good night!

I hope everyone out there are good. If not guys and girls, here is a tip to improve your life.

Anxiety is one hell of a feeling. We are all familiar with how it literally freezes our thoughts, and throws our body in a wave of shiver. You feel like doing nothing. Just nothing.

That is how I am feeling right now. Anxious.

But there are a few ways, I practice to beat it. My own ways

1. See yourself from the perspective of others. Sometimes we undermine ourselves. Once you look from the bigger perspective, you will realize you are much better than others.

2. Everyone says, distract yourselves. DO NOT DISTRACT YOURSELF. When you distract yourself, a feeling of guilt also mixes, causing more anxiety later. If there is a problem, spend all your time to it and figure out ways to solve. That reduces anxiety to a minimum.

3. If anything could go wrong a million ways, think of the ways, it can go right. If possible re-work on those ways and improve their chances. This gives you a boost in confidence, away from your anxiety.

4. If there is nothing left for you to do, always remember the world is not such a bad place after all. There are all kinds of people. People who shall criticize even the best of the work, and people who appreciate the poorest quality. Most of us DO NOT go the extra mile and see for the good people. Trust me, they are there.

5. If your anxiety is mostly due to stress, DISTRACT YOURSELF. Simple. Go for a walk while listening to songs. That shuts your mind for a while. When it opens towards the task after an hour odd, it automatically sees things positively. Yes, it is true.

6. Talk to yourself. Strike a conversation with yourself, as if you are two different people. One with the anxiety problem. Other who is telling the solution and convincing the first one to cool down. This may sound extremely strange. But REALLY it works. At most of the cases, you will see the second one winning over the first, thus reducing anxiety. Again, this is because your thoughts flow easily when you talk to yourself.

Note that these methods are tested to work. None of these cost anything. Next time you are anxious, follow any step or all the steps , whichever comfortable at that moment.

 Anxiety is an excellent killer. You must take care of your health.


Take Care,


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