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Unlike now, the far future would never depend even the tiniest on the fossil fuels. In fact not even solar energy to a large extent. 

One day energy usage in Zingorba is equivalent to One year worth of energy consumption now on Earth. Obvious isn't it? More number of holograms, computers and vehicles means a colossal number, when drawn to an Earth year. 

Most of this energy came from Anti-matter. A few grams of those tiny-particles are capable of generating the requirement of a single day, easily. All over the planet one can find Anti-matter Harnessing Units (specifically 170 in number), each Unit about the size of 10 football fields. 

While Anti-matter serves as the primary energy source, there are more un-conventional ones like the energy of blinking. Not only blinking but any movement in the body is captured by specially programmed wind channels near the body and is then magnified to be capable of generating electricity. Either to the vehicle or house or even both. 

The last category of energy is the most unique, Deep Perception. Founded by Navarro, this energy again amplifies the intensive shift in your deep perceptions to consumable energy. Imagine you are in a fairly lit room. Immediately you walk out, and you see a dark but bright (very bright) green painted wall. Though, you may not sense it, but there are some Deep perception shifts which happen rapidly with the change of vision. This can be converted for usage in homes or stored as backup power for Holograms. 

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