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Hello All!

I hope everyone are fine. Sorry for the dearth in the number of posts, well that was because I was traveling far.

Till Monday (5th November), the number of total posts in a day might decrease by a couple, but I will try my level best to be consistent like before. Apologies.

Margin for success?

Very little.

These are the words of a perfectionist. Sad news is, though he / she is skilled, he is NEVER happy.

Everything in life WILL NOT happen according to your visualizations. Reality has its own alterations. Being perfect is not being flawless, but it is being completely real.

Never stick to a particular expectation in your mind. Do not mistake me for not being an optimistic. Staying positive and wanting perfection are actually two different ends in the scale of happiness. Really.

Whatever you are good at, do your best. Remember, YOUR BEST will also contain mistakes. Again it is not perfect. Friend, it is a fact and applies to everyone.

YOU may succeed, but still in some parameters you will never be successfully perfect. Because IT never happens. A section of reality is just not in our hands. A section of reality is not in any one's hands.

Then why do we pamper our mind so much? What is the solution?

Dream, absolutely dream. Understand that the dream need not play exactly. Try aiming at it, but convince yourself to be happy when you are near it, or somewhere around it. That is when you are 100% perfect.

Stop spending time cursing yourself for not being like others. Each one is born with a gift. Each one can do anything and everything. All it requires is your mental toughness and application of skill. YOU CAN LEARN A NEW THING AND BE AN EXPERT. The age old phrase, 'Born talent' is absolute nonsense. Never believe in that. If we are born with the same number of organs in similar looking bodies, we must be born with the same potential for acheiving whatever we wish.

It only matters how you play. And you never play the PERFECTIONIST WAY. You play the IM-PERFECTIONIST WAY. REALITY IS PERFECT.


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