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Hello all!

I hope you are all having a great day! If not, do not worry, I did not have a great day either! Just being with you guys makes my day more livable. Thanks!

Yes, this topic is really sensitive. But I am not going to go to any religion or any particular form of God. We will discuss about 'God' who appears in 'The One Concirsciuit'

According to me, God is a being who sees life in the most complete way. God is a person who knows how to live life. Living a life is a trait most of us do not know. We only know how to MOVE life.

How do you learn to LIVE a life?

By learning new things. By valuing small things. By seeing world through the positive lens.

When you learn new things, you see the broader and kinder version of the world. You will elevated than the others. With the knowledge, everything suddenly becomes so peaceful. You realize that with your knowledge and thoughts, you can make anyone's life.

That person is the God in 'The One Concirsciuit'. A person who has understood the Circuit so well, that he / she can help the others form the solution and get off it finally. There is an internal battle between the Gods. Read the novel to find out more.

Also, learn to value the smallest things. Life when broken up, seems only complete not with material stuff, but with those small moments which give the most happiness. That is the power we are all living with. We only fail to see that power.

Everyone lives on this planet for a fixed amount of time. No one knows what happens after we die. It is dark. Why do we then want to create enemies in our life? Everyone is facing that mystery of death. Why cannot we simply pause for a second, think of this, and try to see the world positively. As much as we can, at least. Try.

Take a breath. For ten minutes, see the positive side of all your enemies, and think of the mystery we are all facing. Then decide what to do?

Remember, if you keep enemity inside you, it grinds your mind every moment, more than anything else. Your life is in your mind. If that is not in peace, life is worthless. 

This is a personal experience.

Take care guys and girls!


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