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THANK YOU EVERYONE! We are getting some positive traffic from morning, and I just hope this continues. Whoever is reading, all's on you. Kindly follow the blog and share the link to all those whom you know. Thanks again!

Out of logic travel was first invented by Colton in a bid to become the most powerful human in the known Universe. But while it was intended to be used for recreational purposes, it was instead used first for an emergency. What was that emergency? Kindly read, 'The One Concirsciuit' to find out.

What if you could fool the computers, or all those devices responsible for creating the travel, to a more faster travel?

What if you could change the layout of time in space, for a faster travel?

What if you could traverse millions of miles in just a few milliseconds?

What if all it required was around 8 lines of code?

But this out of logic travel did not get its place. Again due to the circuit. Why?

Find out, very soon.


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