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I hope you all are doing fine today. If not, do not worry. Everything cannot be perfect in life. Consider those imperfections as beautiful and move forward.

We are all perhaps, a couple of days away from the release of the book, 'The One Concirsciuit'

The storyline is guaranteed to keep you engaged.

I was in charge of the whole editing process, apart from the cover design conceptualizing process.

There maybe a few errors (not typos, dont worry!) that may have crept in.

Being a first time author, the whole process just got a lot tougher. I really want to provide my valued readers a story which they have never heard or read of before. All this, not because I wanted to read, but because I wanted you all to read. You all, to understand the meaning of love.

Most of the few errors, are not necessarily major errors. They would require a quick read-through again to be made completely sense of.

Still, there are those very few errors, which might have crept in. I am sorry.

But the experience and the power of the story will not fail to enthrall you.

I WILL take you to a new Science. I WILL take you to war against the worst enemies. I WILL make you experience the purest form of love.


Take care,


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