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The previous post (EDITORIAL SERVICE) is an important and exciting one. So kindly go through the post and DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY. 

We all have the picture of a dreamy future in mind. The dream-like future would drastically improve the quality of everything around, life would seem fulfilled. 

We would speed around screaming with flying cars, the cities would be lit up like a carnival. There would be an answer for everything. The future is every present and past' ambition. We all want to be a part of it. 

With that dreaminess, my goal to create the far future started. But as I thought of it more and more, I thanked the present. From a technology point, these are the possible major dilemmas the world would face in the far future (apart from the Circuit)

1. THINK WHEN THERE IS NOTHING : There is no indicator that Science is actually fully solved. When you trudge near the ends, every person must only spend their time thinking about something which is not yet there. Think of potential problems. Science, in the future encompasses everything, the mind, body, feelings and every physical object around. This would require the entire world to engage. 

2. EXTRA POWER DILEMMA: Sometimes when you have everything, there is a bigger problem. We humans have some private feelings. Private thoughts. We have a world inside which is not even known to us properly. Technology may reach an extent when this privacy would be disrupted. People would struggle for inner seclusion. 

3. THE MANIPULATOR : An extension of the first point, some crazy and ambitious part of the population might use the well-known knowledge for manipulating things on the scale of the Universe. For example, if time traveling has been discovered and the Science behind it completely understood, there are chances that people might manipulate the knowledge and work out for their advantage. World would become disastrous if there is a tiny breach in security.

4. TRANS-LIFE DILEMMA : If the meaning of birth and death is actually known, the then life would be of a lot lesser value. Still, if the after-math of death has not yet been cracked, life would appear too short to live all the glories of around. After a period of time, everything would appear bland. Humans are tuned to live for a specific period of time. A 'Death loneliness' strikes when an average age-span is extended by about hundred years. 

5. CAN LOVE FIND A PLACE : Compare now with the 60's. Back then, verbal interactions and gathering would define the passage of time. In the future probably, we would spend our entire lives within the womb of technology. 

Think about it.

Take Care,

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