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For all those who missed this post, THE PROLOGUE, here it is! 

Brace yourselves, the prologue is out! The prologue is as important as the story, and in this case, it briefly tells about the world the entire novel is set in, and also speaks about various important events that take place. Whatever this prologue may not seem to explain, will absolutely be clear in the main story. This prologue must be used as a tool to set into that world. Note that the prologue does not contain any extremely necessary points of the story.


They say there is always room for learning, and for discovering. Imagination knows no bounds. As of now, these sayings may make a lot of sense, but what if we as humans do have a limit of creativity. What if technology does have a limit? What if we reach a point, where there will be nothing more to understand? Nothing more to think of? Then our life would just exist on the science then, peacefully. Like, how we can reach a point, where we cannot think of any idea in a particular domain say mathematically, why this process cannot occur on the entire civilization scale? 

The worlds of two planets, Earth and Zingorba had reached that point. Their residents took retirement from creation. Very few researches happened, some acted just as a re-make whereas others had little or no significance to the overall intelligence. Zingorba was a slightly more relaxed civilization than Earth. 

Before describing the world, and before all the errors arose, heroes, two of them, a leader and his disciple Dr. Navarro and Metanor, respectively, need to be thanked. These two spearheaded sciences through the dry times of the 3500 AD when the first deepest and most aggressive instantaneous perception inside the brains of a living being was turned into a firing laser gun. This happened after years of uneasiness due to the stubborn feeling arising inside that science though appeared to be over, was not actually over. 

It was the sunrise before the darkest mind-powered eras. Then, Dr. Navarro and Metanor worked on creating a second layer of life that existed when the living organism was switched off consciously from the real world due to factors like excessive tiredness or depression. This second layer saw every object as the same but placed physically distinctly apart, similar to the feeling that one gets when they look at the wide sky. The world around seemed empty, only that person lived as a resident and as the all-power holder. There was freedom, and a new sense of thought and creativity that registered to form one of the most revolutionary moments of science. 

Come 7852 AD, the people knew only enjoyment. An average person in Zingorba, woke up when the alternate consciousness of the person got tired of activity in the dream. The reward of buying the best robot, or creating one on their own, was the satisfactory feeling that came pre-installed as soon as the living being woke up. The world outside was full of life, full of smiles,and full of energy, enough to fire any lifeless being. The fire that gave life. The fire that knew no limits. The characteristic fire that believed in everything. No one saw the plain sky above, but an empty canvas that always had the space to draw and make true any dream. The world outside was buzzy all the time. There was no literal blue sky covering them, but instead, images of millions of dreams that the people saw in their dreams. They lived by one philosophy—“Everything had already been thought and pondered about the sky, and when it was required to see, one could see it through their personal devices. Enjoy the lively life of peers around, not the same boring sky.”

The residents worked. The learning type of work. Everything had been described in science, but the Zingorbian government had to just make sure that all people knew it. 

“There must not be even 0.00001 percent of lack of knowledge,” was the motto of the government. So the ones who knew took turns teaching. The other work apart from this was just the administration of the government; people stared as the data sheets continuously created and exhausted ahead of them, revealing no problems except for an occasional crime here and there. 

“A boring task. I feel life has become monotonous, but there is always silence before a storm,” the head of the government, Dr. Palos always said. 

The hobbies of people included re-creating the explored areas of science themselves, like programming a robot that converted itself to a system that replicated the nature in affecting the senses of living beings. The rest of life was just the usual roller-coaster of emotions, love, and hatred. Enmity and immortal friendships. A majority of them were very practical and straight-forward. Love happened when there were enough parameters in both the minds to keep them going forever. These parameters were measured frequently by machines, and any fluctuations would result in a planned discussion. No one could hide anything. Fortunately or unfortunately, the world was just a transparent box. 

Just like how it exists in current science.“There is no boundary between ideality and reality” —this was the breath and brain of one influential scientist, Dr. Navarro. Perhaps science took a turn to the age-old philosophy again that imagination surely knows no bounds.

Navarro mixed a lot of existing science and created a new form of mind-control that actually served as a source of all problems. 

Navarro as the leader, wanted the world to accept this mind-control. He wanted to see the changed world. 

“Ours must be a world that no future can decode and no God can create a replica of. And I must be the author of such a world,” he believed. 

That was where Metanor conflicted. Once Navarro had established the world, Metanor decided to make use of the technology that could crack the puzzle of science to get the whole world off the puzzle. He worked on it, and had failed many a times, even during his exile. 

Life can be very cruel. There was no direct solution out of this mind control. The only way was to change science, or rather jump out of the circuit on which science was slowly reversing. What is this circuit? The story shall explain it. But also, the world beyond the circuit of the timeline of science was very different. A better deal it was than to rot in the extreme complexity that the ruthless Navarro had imposed. An exit had to be found. Soon.



The Blurb speaks about the crux of the story and creates the important first impression (of course, along with the cover!) on the buyer of the book.

The Blurb of 'The One Concirsciuit' is out there!


It is the far, far future where the development of science has come to a stop. There arises a conflict, between a master, Navarro and his disciple, Metanor. The latter in favor of technology to overcome the destructive effects of the former’s new method of  mind control.

This leads to science represented in the form of a circuit. And to be free, they have to get off the circuit.

Time is running out. An army has to be formed, one with extraordinary capabilities while unimaginable weapons and tech are surfacing. Even the most loyal become enemies. Metanor’ only support is his love. But even she appears very mysterious.

One wrong move, the enemy beats you, the science kills you.









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