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I hope you are doing great! If not, always remember, life is made of both positives and negatives. You win if you beat the negativity. Just keep being positive, all negativity will turn their back against you.

A few people asked me about my take on ghosts and paranormal activity related to the circuit. That was quite an interesting thought which never had crossed my mind. 

First up, 'The One Concirsciuit' does not involve any speck of a ghost in it. 

This is a debatable topic, but I am skeptical about ghosts. For every positive, there has to be a negative obviously. That is explained how for victories there are losses. For smiles there are tears. For luck there is misery. For intelligence there is ignorance. For the good hearted, there is the bad hearted. Every good quality has its negative which is experienced by everyone in their lives at least once.  

As far as God, I believe in the energy of God more than His physical form. I prefer to look into His values and circulate them in me and in my life. To create a negative against that, we have our own bad or mortal thinking, attitudes and company. Life's rust and lust surrounds us. So, I do not see any imbalance in the Good and Bad. Both already exist. Both are being experienced by all. Just not in the way we imagine as Ghosts. I really do not think there is any place for them.

Let us get to the Circuit now. Science and Ghosts are really on the opposite ends. Both can NEVER have anything similar. One tends to explain while the other tends to remove all explanations. The Circuit, which is a purely scientific phenomenon involves the whole Science together, in a nutshell. Obviously, this does not leave any spot for the Ghost. 

Also, if para-normality existed in the Circuit, the shape would not be continuous. As the super-natural would tend to go away from Science. There would be holes or breakages on the Circuit. The whole war of getting out of the Circuit just would not make sense. 

'The One Concirsciuit' set in the far future would not satisfy any need.

Apart from the Circuit, my views may not convince all. Everyone have their own viewpoints which they are welcome to practice. Let us not conclude who is right and who is wrong. 

Take Care,

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