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Internet is immortal. Now, it connects billions across the globe and it would do the same even in the future, no doubt. 

1. Every thought in the future would be able to access the internet. You think of a cake. The insides of your mind would be able to link that 'cake' to the Internet, and then a lot of cake recipes would automatically download inside your head. All this, in split seconds. 

2. All objects would be manufactured with micro thin cables capable of accessing the internet. For example, a sheet of paper would check with the Internet and download some fonts which could be then transferred to the writing instrument, again aided by the Internet.

3. The soil shall be injected with nano-particles capable of forming connections to access the internet. While the plant grows, it gains nutritional information related to it and methods to enhance the growth and environment around. Also these trees would serve as hubs where people can access already downloaded stuff. 

4. At some random places in the city, bundles of networks would coincide resulting in a piece of information or a service which would be activated when the user stands at that particular spot. 

5. The planet Zingorba is covered with an invisible layer of 'atmosphere' which has data storage units built inside them. These are first transferred to the International Bandwidth Center (See in the story) and then to the user. Another name for that 'atmosphere' is Space Data.

6. The planet is dotted with public galleries consisting of thousands of holograms where you can create your own web page or anything for free. For convenience, you can rent those holograms to your work-place or residence. 

This is how the world of Internet looks like in Zingorba. 

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