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I hope everyone is good out there! Kindly comment your views on each post, I am not actually receiving a lot of comments lately. 

Exciting 3 days coming up, before the pre-order ends and officially 'The One Concirsciuit' launches. So please stay tuned for the links which will be posted on the 17th! All the Indian readers can still pre-order now at discounted rates! 20% FLAT DISCOUNT! 

'The One Concirsciuit' is not just the story you read. A lot of incidents happen at the background, most of them relating to learning. 

The Circuit is a new phenomena to the common person. And suddenly their survival is at stake because of the unknown. 

As we had discussed about the animals earlier, they do a lot of their learning by exploration. These animals belonged close to Navarro and thus, witnessed the incidents from a closer range. Navarro had employed these animals for their 'cute aggressiveness' which can help cool off unnecessary anger inside. But as situations turned more serious, they were abandoned only to be found by two of them who were in the threshold of losing out everything. What will the two do now?

The residents learn the Circuit by approaching the authorities, though they would never have a solid answer. The Government of Zingorba and Earth are thrown into illusions sourced by Navarro to accomodate his circuital paraphernalia. 

Most of the populace have given up to do anything on their own. Intelligent or not, this circuit matter seems a whole new level for them. But at this stage what could they do? At the back end of the story, migration begins. From Zingorba to elsewhere. From Earth to elsewhere. Also people collect each other for security and in a bid to reduce the complexity. That turns the city Sciton, to a beehive. 

Enter the Old man and Yasha (Read the other posts). The Old man was in charge of a strong Earth-Zingorba connection and thus got to know much about the circuit. Yasha, realizes that the circuit is like life. Much of it can be interpreted if we apply life's basic principles. They give them answers. 

But after Old Man and Yasha are out of the scenes, the people are again helpless. How will they co-operate to the war? Will they evacuate the city for the battle? Or will they live with the battle, blind-folded, not reacting and waiting for death to choose them?

Find in 'The One Concirsciuit'

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