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Good Day everyone!

I hope you are all doing amazing. 

The world as we are viewing in 2017 consists of different countries boasting their nuclear prowess. But what is the future of this power domination?

People are the subject of society's most venomous claws. The different forms of extremism. Tomorrow we may be helplessly roaming on the streets among smoke and blood, screaming and wailing as the different countries show off. 

Somewhere here, the essence of rightfully protecting the people is lost. While partially, we are responsible for it due to the division on the basis or religion, case which we nurture and spread. Tolerance levels are low. 

The wake up starts from here. Once all the people are pure towards the others from the inside, there will not be any wrong in them possessing weapons for protection. This can ensure extreme confidence in a person when has a gun for his own.

What if the weapons are made to prove the reason for the kill? Only if the reason abides by moral policies, the weapon can shoot? That helps to form the peak of civilian defense. 

Which is seen in Mer-x-Crim. 

Coming Soon. Just for you. 

Take Care,

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