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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all doing great. 

Do you know that plants think? And their thought process is better than us, at times!

They have many amazing extra sensory perceptions. Plants have the ability to turn towards light and also sense gravity. Touch me not plants are known to be the introverts and the uhhhhh..please'! Mer-x-crim promises to be inspired by this ability. 

Plants have this amazing power to 'live' without actually creating any perceivable exertions. This is the basis of Ghost Robots. 

Or machines which are actually there. But not.  In the far future, the data is destined to live not inside computers but in the air. Plants in turn emit rays which contain the data of their thoughts in the form of codes. 

When data meet thoughts, the result is life. Ghost robots are invisible but they exist at locations right above the planet tips or forest canopy. 

Their powers would include, 'provide extra acceleration', 'harmful rays shielders'. They could be used by robots, people and even computers by coming contact with their range. 

Cool, right? A task for you. What could be the further development in this technology?

Work it out. Exciting rewards await.

Take Care,

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