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Do not get freaked out with the image of the palm print here! In the story it represents a tool for identification and not murder!

Palm prints are an application of the phenomena of 'Deep Perception' (See the post related to that in the blog). 

In short though, Deep perception involves magnifying the millions of inner sub-conscious and vague conscious thoughts and building out weapons or tools out of them. The story is built over them.

For identifying yourself to the machine, your entire palm is actually not necessary. This phenomena works by imagining a small cross section of your palm, and the tiniest touches of the surrounding air on to it. 

Let us play a game.

Close your eyes. 

Open up your palm. 

Think of its center. Think of the cool air around your palm. Think of it touching your center. 

Do you actually start feeling something there?

This is the base of identification. 

Remember, the computer tracks you from the moment you start thinking till the moment you come out of the deep thought and see your center. All those parameters together will be unique to every person. 

The computer identifies a section of your palm center along with the feelings. But there is a rule. Your first palm print decides your benchmark. All the palm prints from then on must match with the first one. 

It is difficult. There is an advantage to this. This process is the pinnacle of concentration. It tests your ability to suddenly bring back focus to a single point, no matter the situation around. 

For the weapons, this palm print is storable inside them. Though this is some sort of a cheat, well, the weapon then is your risk. This mistake leads to a lot of misplacement of weapons in the battle.

But can they be stolen under your nose? Yes. How?

Read, 'The One Concirsciuit'


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