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Sorry, the blog had some issues with the dynamic template because of which the screen was not showing up. And that is why, I changed the background.

It was a thunderous 20 minutes actually, my life came off my soul and went back in. Horrendous it was, my mind did not run and tears flooded down uncontrollably. With the blog not opening, I felt my world in a free-fall. Seriously.

In the far future, basic levels of mind-programming would almost correspond to the modern day definition of common sense. For example, you might program a real soldier to switch on to evade mode as soon as the enemy is sighted. To support this you can program the soldiers, stating the lack of weapons or other soldiers for back-up.

But the question follows, how much of the common sense is required to crack the circuit, or is it even required? 

Yes it is required. But at the levels where there the line between common sense and intelligence would be thin. For example, if we need to know the exact shape of the Circuit:

We know that once our mind touches the extreme, the science in the mind tends to reverse back. All those 'simple advances' we talked about (Refer 'Ponder about the Circuit' or the Featured Post') would think of everything. Obviously that reversal shall be as thick as the entire science existing till them. Our mind would think down about everything. Add up all the minds in the civilization, all the components of Science would be covered. Which again means that the circuit is almost purely circular. That is common sense. 

Intelligence looks deep into the circuital behavior at specific points. 

Both cannot exists separately, so when only Common Sense is fed into a human soldier, it may result in a failure to attack. Or failure to resist the attack. 

That is also how life is isn't it? We need both. 

In the novel when everyone believes that using common sense at tough times can bail you out, actually, it puts you back in the thicker of the problem. 

What else do you do to bail yourself out? See, in 'The One Concirsciuit'

Take Care,

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