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How are you, folks? If you are not fine, here is the best solution!

Everybody love traveling. We call it our 'Travel Goals'.

But sadly many times, those goals remain only in our minds. Seldom does it happen in reality.


Traveling after laughter is the best medicine. When you travel, you see the part of the world which you never knew or never seen before. Your thought patterns change. Most importantly, you see the reality.

Your mind compares yourself with all the people around you. Then it realizes how lucky you are. It realizes how you form the top 5% of all the people on this planet in terms of the quality of life.

Traveling enhances creativity. By coming across the vibrant colors, the happiness of all those unknown people you realize, no matter how bad your life is, the world is actually a great place.

The early morning mist beating on your face, the unknown yet sweet music ringing in your ears, the lively chatter of the people in the unknown tongue as you walk past them, traveling is probably the only time, when we will be comfortable in the laps of the uncommon and unknown.

But we never have time or money for that. Right? Why? The reality is you cannot make way for that. When it comes down to planning, we are fine. But when it comes down to execution, we push traveling back to the last. NO. Do not take me wrong, but it is as important as visiting any holy site.

Like how you make time for that, make time for this. Go to any nearby place. If money is holding you back, go to those same nearby places but with a different group, or with a different plan. Just for a whole new experience.

Engage yourself in the steps of those happy unknown faces. Live the color of a new life in a new place only with the thrill of its own challenges. Discover yourself, and start being your best friend. Leave everything for a moment, pack your bags! All problems will always wait. Life is short. You never know when you have to leave it. Come on! GO! SEE THE WORLD! SEE YOURSELF!

#TRAVELFORME #TRAVELFORTHENEW Share this with all! Help improve the quality of everyone's life.


Take Care,


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