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I hope you are doing great! If you are feeling low, stay tuned here for some productive posts coming up! Nevertheless, look ahead and think about building up. 

Welcome to the complete and comprehensive guide on 'HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHAT TO WRITE?'

If you are writing a novel....

Novel writing is a tedious task. It is really difficult give up, turn back and start afresh. So you must carefully pick out the genre you would like to write about. 

1. Your character determines the genre you like. Set off to your inner self and think about some rough ideas. Think randomly. What are the ideas mostly related to? Is it Science Fiction? Or is it Romance? If it is a particular genre, re-think about its various elements. For example, Science fiction can be utopian, far-future, cyborg etc. STICK TO ONE GENRE.

2. Think further about the sub-genres? What interests you the most? Or if you had a world of your own, how would you accommodate those sub-genres. Even if you do not know about a concept properly, if you have the interest, go for it. Sometimes lack of knowledge generates great fictional ideas. 

3. What would be the ultimate message you would like to pass to your audience? Start from the message and build your story back.

If you are writing a short story...

1. Again, think about a message and start constructing your story from the back until you get a rough idea of where you are heading.

2. Pick an environment where you story must be set. Usually short stories or very short stories consists of one or two environments.

3. Read more short stories. How would you make them better? 

4. If this world was yours, how would you change it, seriously. Compare that changed world to the real world and connect a story between them. This works for novels also up to some extent.

If you are writing a blog or article....

1. Write about a particular topic you would actually discuss if you had a friend by you now. Start building it professionally.

2. Speak your mind. Try to think whatever is in your mind and create topics among them.

3. What is the current trend? What are all the people talking about? What is your view on that?

4. This works. Take a dictionary or a thesaurus, and randomly flip through pages staring at the words. That can thrown up an inspiration and a source for an idea. 

5. Use the blog to plan your future. YES. You will have many plans or dreams. And some plans to go about them. Write about those plans in the form of a 'How to' article. That can help you learn.

Are you really good at writing? 

1. Create a blog of yours now, TODAY. You can create for free at Blogger.

2. Sign up with content writing companies (I can suggest some sources!). That is a great way to learn and sometimes even earn.

3. Start writing a book. Either a e-book and publish it on the net, or a proper fiction or non fiction book. Start writing today. Slowly research the type of content people want. Books are a great way to earn. There are just millions of good publishing companies out there, apart from the ones you know.

4. Start your own facebook page. Write your amazing skill out and watch as the number of likes and comments pile up!


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