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Let us look into how are generations formed in Zingorba, a planet representing the far, far future. 


Intimacy in the far future would be different from now. The two mating partners first go to a silent place, full of nature. Then they step closer to each other, so close, that the entire front portion of the their body sticks on the opposite partner's front frame. For this, they also stretch their hands high up and stick the entire length of their arm on the other. All this while, they would turn silent and just stare at each other's eyes trying to imagine the baby.


After a few minutes, (20 minutes to be exact), the first glimpses of the off spring can be sighted. The off springs are formed at the place where the mating partners meet and inside a small transparent covering floating on the air. Small patches on the back of both the bodies light up from the connection to the off spring. Each time, it steps into the next stage, the paent's body would start to twitch. A normal baby develops into a fully grown alien in around 25 days. Remember we had talked about the Ground research, a few posts ago. That feeds the growing baby with the knowledge.


It is a thin wire, so thin, that it can pass through the gaps between any being's cells. So no other person actually feels it. But the entire wire lights up when the parent wants to go back and see the off spring. A lot of effort is required to deliberately remove the connection, often resulting in paralysis of the parent body. In case the connection is broken by external methods, often it throws the parent to excess pain but not paralysis. It is strictly against the law and ethics of the Zingorbians to use this connection as a means of weapon. 

Also the Government can easily track abandoned babies. So when the responsible parent is found, they would be given death sentences instantly. 

Male and Female aliens are given equal priority. If there is a case of gender discrimination, again, the parent responsible shall be given an instant death sentence.

Would not it be nice if we followed the same ethics and policies related to the baby?

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