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I hope you are all doing great! Again, SORRY for the gap in the posts. As I had mentioned earlier, I am working with a fellow to revamp this entire blog.

Obviously in the far future, you cannot expect people to walk in the boring, monotonous way on the streets right? You would really love the streets to be filled with excitement and surprises, isn't it?

1. One random kid was sighted dragging up a section  of the footpath and twisting it mid-air. While the track turned, he retreated a few steps back and pressed hard on his feet when small wheels began to shape up from the small stones below. In a jiffy, he rushed forward and skated around the track landing safety just near the tips of the roads.

2. Another man was spotted walking usually like the other hundreds of people, but suddenly something made him stop. On his right was a peaceful lush green park. Slowly he started descending down to the bottom floor of the city of Zingorba. The ground closed over him. A larger piece of ground opened up in the empty park, and a large transparent cylinder started climbing up on a tall rod which held its sides and center. The old man was standing right in the middle. Again, still. You had the right to 'form' an elevator at any empty space.

3. A naughty kid inserted the 'Real-edge-picker' machine to the edge between the pavement and the road. Slowly the 'edge' rose up in its transparent form supported by the machine at its end. Hastily, he punched something on that and in a jiffy, the entire edge circled around his eyes like a 3-D vision glasses. Through, them everything appeared distorted and wavy. People looked taller and out of shape and almost all of them seemed to dance with their footsteps!

4. At a specific spot on the street, a few children had queued up excited. The kid standing for his next turn, upon some unknown signal, leaped down to the ground. As he fell, the ground opened up and inside, in mid air, he was suddenly strapped up with a machine. Like a roller-coaster he pushed forward and hit the sides making his way through the gaps of the buildings and bent under the vehicles, to finally come up at some other street of the upper city. 

5. People would stop and talk with other random strangers whole walking on the road. As soon as they would start the conversation, a flood of questions would enter into their minds through the city networks. One peculiarity of these network is that it throws questions that would exactly mean fun, awkwardness or engaging to the opposite character. All the characters are secretly monitored by different programmed things around you and passed on to that database. When that person speaks, the other person would instantly know what to ask to make the conversation amazing. 

Fun right? 

Take Care,

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