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Sometimes a yes may lead to new paths. But sometimes even a no can avoid making you fall into pits. 

An average human has a set capacity to do work. A lot of commitments in one's head can really throw life into a depressing turn. A feeling of being stuck in the middle of nowhere is just harmful.  

For some people, saying that small yet powerful two letter word might be difficult. Yes, the world runs on values but there is a part of life and world which runs by the decisions you take and the decisions you chose not to take. 

Initially, the receiver might feel bad. But in these difficult times, logic must take the first priority. Calculated logic leads to decisions which are not unethical yet are apprehensive to the un-explainable loads of work. Meanwhile, a person truly committed to work will find many other ways to get the output. Searching for different ways, is one of the basic patterns of life.

At the end of the say, what matters are the decisions which you chose not to take. You are the sole architect of your life. A small number of lucky people might have endless support of their entire circle, but even that, does not cross a particular barrier to have effect on what results out at the end of your life. Your activities, your stress levels and your mental status matter the most for your well-bring and productivity. 

Decline an offer by clearly stating the reason for the decision. If you think that if situations permit, you may be in a position to help, always promise that. Stay diplomatic but not entirely self-centered. Most importantly, explain your conscience the benefits of taking the correct decision. 

When you approach a person for help, try to state the benefit the person might receive if he / she helps. Life in many ways works effectively when business ideologies are implemented. 

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